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Nickel - 201 Composition Find below the search results for the material you've specified. Please note here this information is NOT to be used for design purposes, and in no event shall MSO be liable for any damages arising from the misuse of this information What alloys does SSSS Groups supply? Below is a comprehensive list of our alloys arranged by type. More detailed information can be found on each alloys specific page. All of our products are purchased to normal industry standards and come with material test reports (MTR) also known as material certifications. What product forms are available?
  • Bar
  • Plate
  • Sheet
  • Pipe
  • Pipe Fittings
  • Flanges
  • Tube
  • Weld Wire
Super Alloy Nickel 201 Composition Related Metals :
  • Nickelvac 201(tm)
  • VDM LC Nickel 99.2(tm)
  • Ametek 899E(tm)
  • AL 201(tm)
  • LC Nickel(tm)
  • CM 201(tm)
  • VDM LC 99.2(tm)
Specifications :
  • AMS 5553
  • ASTM B160
  • ASTM B161
  • ASTM B162
  • ASTM B163
  • ASTM B366
  • ASTM B725
  • ASTM B730
  • DIN 2.4061
  • DIN 2.4068
  • UNS N02201
Chemistry Data
  • Carbon : 0.02 max
  • Copper : 0.25 max
  • Iron : 0.4 max
  • Manganese : 0.35 max
  • Nickel : Balance
  • Silicon : 0.35 max
  • Sulphur : 0.01 max
General Information Principal Design Features This is a lower carbon version of commercially pure (99%) nickel. The material does contain minor amounts of other elements, totaling less than 1%. Applications Electronic components, applications where spinning to form the product is especially desired. Chemical corrosion resistance in caustic solutions. Machinability Machinability is basically the same as for Nickel 200. The 201 variety is softer and "gummy" but can be readily machined by conventional mean. High-speed-steel tools are recommended. Forming Easily formed by conventional methods. Nickel 201 is especially well suited to forming parts by spinning. Corrosion Resistance The low carbon content of Nickel 201 enhances its corrosion resistance in comparison to Nickel 200. It is very good for use with caustic soda, dry fluorine, and chlorine or hydrogen chloride, even at elevated temperatures. Welding Weldable by standard means as was also the case with Nickel 200. However oxyacetylene welding should NOT be used with Nickel 201. Heat Treatment Anneal at 1650 F to 1300 F depending upon the degree of cold working and time at temperature. Forging Forging should be done in the range of 2100 F to 1200 F. Hot Working Hot working may be done in the range of 2100 F to 1200 F. Cold Working Cold working is readily accomplished with standard tooling. Annealing Anneal at 1650 F to 1300 F depending upon time at temperature and amount of cold working that has been done. Hardening Hardens only by cold working.

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